The Tennessee Department of Agriculture shares the cost of installing Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs) on your land with TDA's Agricultural Resources Conservation Fund (ARCF). The Agricultural Resources Conservation Fund (ARCF) has been established so that landowners can get financial assistance as they work to

                                                       * Control erosion

                                                       * Manage animal waste

                                                       * Prevent or reduce pollution associated with fertilizers and pesticides

                                                       * Maintain or improve water quality


The Ag Resources Conservation Fund provides financial assistance for conservation work on farms. The Roane County Soil Conservation District office will apply to TDA for the grant funds. Once a grant has been awarded, Roane County SCD office will allot the funds. You will have an opportunity to sign up and have your individual application approved. The cost share rate is 75% (state) to 25% (landowner).  For more information please follow the provided link:




Wise Stewardship of natural resources benefits each of us through a healthy environment and productive lands. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) helps farmers and ranchers help the land through scientifically based, locally led voluntary conservation efforts.  Working side by side with customers, we identify natural resource concerns, such as soil erosion and water quality issues, and develop unique conservation plans for restoring and protecting resources. As a result of NRCS assistance, private landowners have applied conservation practices such as terraces, intensive rotational grazing, filter strips, conservation tillage, and planting trees to cropland, grazing land, wetlands, and forestlands.  NRCS's skilled professionals each contribute to helping our country's landowners:

                                                      * Maintain high-quality, productive soils;

                                                      * Provide clean and abundant water;

                                                      * Promote healthy plant and animal communities;

                                                      * Improve air quality;

                                                      * Produce an adequate energy supply; and

                                                      * Help maintain the viability of working farms and ranches.

For more information on NRCS and available programs: