The Roane County Soil Conservation District rents

 equipment to Roane County landowners and

 producers to assist in conservation practices. 


Equipment available:


The Roane Soil Conservation District has available for rent:

Spinning Jenny Wire Reel and Crimping Tool

Rental charge is $20.00 per day

Payment must be made upon rental





Drills 10 ft wide strip, requires 60/65 hp tractor.

Cool Season Grasses & Legumes


Great Plains

Drills 8ft wide strip, requires 60/65 hp tractor.

Native Warm Season Grasses, Cool Season Grasses, Grain & Legumes


Lime Spreader


Requires 60/70 hp tractor, remote hyd. 

Will hold 5 ton.


Manure Spreader


Requires 40 hp PTO, 175 bushel at struck level.



For additional information or to schedule the

 rental equipment for your next conservation practice,

e-mail us or please call:

(865) 376-2393 ext. 3


To assure usage of equipment at your convenience, 

please schedule in advance.