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Roane County SCD


  ~ 2018 Roane County Farmer of the Year ~

Jeff Allen

  Jeff Allen





2018 Grazing Conference




The Roane County SCD held their 17th Annual "Grazing for Profit" Grazing Conference on February 15, 2018. Headline Speakers were Burke Teichert of Orem, Utah; Greg Halich, University of Kentucky; Alex Miller, Lick Skillet Cattle Co.; and Greg Brann, TN Grazing Specialist. Topics covered included Profitable Beef Production, Optimal Stocking Rate and Feeding Days for Cow-Calf Operations, and Three Steps Toward Greater Profitability. The Grazing Conference is held to benefit livestock producers. With a recurring attendance of 110+, each year the attendance has continued to grow, drawing producers from Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, and South Carolina. The Roane SCD's "Grazing for Profit" Grazing Conference is sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources Conservation Service.


Power Point presentations from the 2018 Grazing Conference:

2018 Grazing for Profit Grazing Conference





Conserving our Natural Resources for Future Generations

One of the key components to keeping our land healthy and productive is the quality of the soil. The quality of soil affects both air and water quality. Wise choices based on conservation planning and capacity of the land and soils, impact the quality of the water that enters our rivers, streams, and lakes, which ultimately flow through our faucets. Conservation is a vital endeavor, both for those who rely on the land to support their families and for all of us who depend on farmers and ranchers to take care of our land and water. In working to protect natural resources, one positive effect usually generates another.